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Photos of Beacon Hill Park

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Beacon Hill Panorama

Panoramic Photo from Beacon Hill Park looking South
Approx. 40K

Taken from the lookout point at the top of Beacon Hill, this photo looks south and shows the view of Juan de Fuca Strait and the Olympic Mountains in Washington State.

Panoramic view from the south side of Dallas Road looking north
Warning: Large file @ Approx. 110K

Taken from the south side of Dallas Road, this photo looks north toward a stand of Douglas firs and Cottonwoods.

Before & After

This photo was taken in approximately 1957. The photo looks from Dallas Road toward the ocean.

Photo of the same area in the same season taken in 1998. Soil compaction due to a designated "no leash" zone for dogs.

Snapshots of the Park

Approx. 40K

Taken from Cook Street, this photo shows a favourite perch for one of the two eagles that live in Beacon Hill Park.

Approx. 40K

This photo shows the bald eagle's nest located in one of Beacon Hill Park's magnificent Cottonwood trees next to Douglas Street.

Approx. 40K

This photo shows an eagle catching a meal a short distance from Beacon Hill Park in the Strait of Juan de Fuca.

Approx. 75K

Although difficult to see, this photo shows the location of a Great Blue Heron rookery, close to Goodacre Lake.

Approx. 37K

This photo shows Beacon Hill Park's Fountain Lake.

Approx. 34K

Goodacre Lake features a stone bridge, visible in the distance at the centre of the photo. Goodacre Lake is close to the Great Blue Heron rookery.

Approx. 37K

Beacon Hill Park features ornamental gardens dating to the late 1800's. Some of the rhododendrons in the park are well over 100 years old.

Approx. 51K

This "entry" sign is located at the intersection of Douglas Street and Southgate Street and is close to the "rocky ridge" area in the northwest corner of the park.

Approx. 48K

This photo looks north along Arbutus Way. "Mayor's Grove" is located to the east (right) in the photo.

Approx. 13K

This photo looks up from Dallas Road toward Beacon Hill and its flagpole.

Approx. 42K

This photo looks east from Finlyason Point along the Dallas Road Cliffs. Finlayson Point was once a native fortification.


Camas Day 2002

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